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Black Panthers target Whites, Individual Liberty under Attack

We’re only a few months from what many are calling the “most important election in our lifetime.”  On one side, the current President, a man who many say never had the qualifications to lead this country.  Others applaud his recent DREAM-based immigration executive order, praising him for allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, the opportunity to continue living in America, without fear of being deported.

On the other hand, we have the challenger, Republican, Mitt Romney, whose list of accomplishments in the business world speak for themselves.  Many believe he is undoubtedly more qualified, based on actual experience, to lead this country out of this sluggish economy; putting us back in the fast-lane.  Yet others claim he is “evil,” with no regard for employees of the businesses he restructured and turned around.

Commercials, aired by the Obama camp, insinuate Romney was responsible for the death of a woman with cancer, claiming because they lost their insurance after losing a job due to layoffs, Mitt Romney was the cause of the illness that claimed her life.  Totally absurd to make such a claim, but not beneath the character of Obama and the tactics used in this election.

Now, the racial battles are beginning.  The “New” Black Panther groups are calling for Blacks to “Kill Whitie!”  They suggest scalping Whites, and killing as many as possible, even throwing bombs and killing in mass.  Under President Obama’s reign, the ultra-racist organization has blossomed, grown into a tool to divide this country.  A few years ago, they stood in front of voting locations, standing with their batons, tapping their hands with the sticks, daring anyone to say something.

Today, they’ve got the support from the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, who decided not to get involved, sending the signal that all future endeavors of the New Black Panthers would not be impeded.  Basically, the Obama Administration made a dangerous, yet calculated decision to look the other way, putting everyone else’s personal safety on the back-burner.

What would happen if White men, in militant-style uniforms, held press conferences saying that all White men should kill as many Blacks as possible?  There would be uproar so great; it would cause hysteria across the country.  The NAACP, along with the Congressional Black Caucus, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton and all those “fighting for civil rights,” would be on every news channel, cable network and newspaper front cover saying, “This is unacceptable, and we demand they be held accountable for their actions.  They are committing hate-crimes by suggesting that White men murder large numbers of Blacks.”

But, because the Black Panthers do it, there’s no problem.  Are civil rights only applicable to Blacks?

Unbelievable the world we live in, where those of us who are not Black, are literally targeted by a militant group, and nothing is done about it.

This election is about many things, but in my opinion, it’s about individual liberty, and the almost unfathomable reality that what was once a God-given right in this country, is being stripped from us.

It’s easy to see which side President Obama is on; and where he feels his future is secured.   Based on his actions, he supports downsizing our military, granting amnesty, ending life, destroying our natural energy capabilities, and controlling guns.  He authorizes the transport of assault, military-grade weapons to our enemies, yet states that we need stronger gun control.

It’s obvious; Obama’s vision of the future does not include a strong America, with a strong military and economy.  He wants to knock us down a few notches, so we get used to having less.  He thinks we’re all spoiled brats, with more than enough to satisfy our needs.  Now, he wants to come after our wallets and force us to cover everyone else.

Is that what you want in a President?

Mitt Romney is the antithesis of President Obama.  Romney wants to ensure the America you and I love so much, remains.  He understands, because he’s actually lived and worked in the real world, that we Americans do not favor a Socialistic style of governance.  We in fact cherish our personal freedom and relish in our ability to achieve our dreams.

While some feel their DREAMS are coming true, others feel the nightmare setting in.  There is a clear line between Romney and Obama, and unless you enjoy the boot of the government on your neck, Romney is the only choice for the survival of America.

Comments (2)

  1. Gehrig Saldana

    Great article Duke. The article link
    below brings to light the excellent work Judicial Watch is doing to expose Attorney General Eric Holder’s apparent love fest with the
    New Black Panther Party. Let’s hope Judicial Watch is successful in their quest
    to have their case investigated by a special prosecutor. “Court decision renews focus on Black Panther voter

  2. rowland jackson

    Can you believe this is allowed in 2012? I can’t. This is totally rediculous that BPs are allowed to get away with this crap. Thanks for putting this up Duke. This has got to stop! Think of what the Seals have to put up with with our stupid “rules of engagement” in Afganistan and Irac, getting killed because they can’t fire until fired upon and these Black Panthers are talking about killing whites and white babies. This is not good. What kind of President and “Justice” Department do we, as a people accept? And the Border Patrol are told to “Run and Hide” if fired upon. People, WAKE UP! This is total BS!
    Rowland Jackson

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