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Dave McIntyre Releases Novel : “CENTERLINE”, a story of Heroes and Homecoming


Dave McIntyre’s new novel: CENTERLINE

This is a novel by Dave McIntyre, a good friend with insight and passion for our country and our troops.  Please share this page and help promote this awesome book.  Click the image to get a preview of what’s inside.

Duke Machado


I am pleased to advise of the selective early release of my new novel CENTERLINE. It is a story of heroes and homecoming. The heroes include those wounded fighting overseas, the flight crews and medical teams who save them and bring them back, and the families who support them at home.  But the homecomings are not always the joyous affairs we see in 15 second clips on the evening news. In fact, 

     “Wounded soldiers make a long trip from the pain and disorientation of a battlefield to the pain and disorientation of a homecoming.

     “CENTERLINE tells the arresting story of the last leg of that journey through the eyes of patients, crew, and medical caregivers making the trip home from military hospitals just before Christmas at the height of the surge in  Iraq. “Everybody who goes to war gets shot,” one soldier says. “Some in the body. Some in the head. Some in the heart.”

      “Air Evac 1492 is the collective Air Force call sign for the flight. But each person on board has an individual story of hopes, dreams, fears, and regrets as the aircraft wings its human cargo through bad weather, flashbacks, and in flight emergencies. Some travelers fall short of the runway. And some find the beacon that leads them home – back to the centerline.”

 You can read parts of the book as well as some early reviews under THE BOOK and  REVIEWS tabs at the web site . You can also find links to buy the book in print version, for Kindle and for Nook at that location.


Dave McIntyre

The early reception has been quite strong from a broad range of readers – military and civilian, wounded and wives, pilots and medical professionals. I am confident you will find it a good read, educational and enjoyable.  Please feel free to contact me at with your impressions.

David H. McIntyre, PhD


Some reviews


“Riveting! I couldn’t put it down. I gained more insight into what my husband does from reading this book than from any military spouses’ workshop I’ve attended over the last 29 years.  Centerline also vividly demonstrates what it is like to be on a medevac mission, and it has a host of unforgettable characters. I felt like I was in the plane with them.”

Katy Kane

Air Force Spouse


“When I came home on a medical evacuation in 2006, I was in a coma and do not remember any of it. Thanks to McIntyre’s riveting book, I now know what that flight was like, and have a deep respect for the system and its individual heroes.”

Major Justin Constantine, USMCR

Wounded Warrior, Iraq


“I was a combat medic on the front end of the global military medical system that McIntyre describes—until an RPG made me a critical care patient. As someone who has experienced an arduous medical journey through this system—from serving in Afghanistan to treatment at Walter Reed (40 operations), and finally, back home to Mississippi, I learned a great deal of all the processes unseen to me as a casualty.”


Former Medic in 101st Airborne Division

Wounded in Afghanistan, June 15, 2010


“Centerline is a superb high paced novel that realistically captures the spirit and emotion of Americans involved in seeing that our wounded warriors are professionally cared for.  The artful description of a C130 flying low level brought back many memories…of bouncing around in a darkened cargo hold, tethered to the floor by a sling rope, as we approached an unlit airfield. The story of how our wounded return to their loved ones is told in a very powerful way…Centerline is an awesome read.”

Command Sergeant Major Michael A. Kelso, USA (Ret)

 Ranger Hall of Fame, 2010


  “Not since the early works of Tom Clancy has an author so superbly captured the drama, detail, and personal experience of soldiers and airmen at war—except these scenes are real.  Do you want to know what it is like to fly a four-engine airplane, in bad weather, with a serious emergency?  Read Centerline.

Howard Putnam

Former CEO Southwest Airlines


” Now comes a story for this generation.  Life and leadership boiled down to its essence.   How the seemingly random turns out to be amazingly perfect…like it was meant to be.  How your past is always preparation for your future. “

Major General Randal D. Fullhart, USAF (ret)

Commandant of Cadets, Virginia Tech


“Centerline is a great novel … a thrilling, high-action page-turner that also captures the story of what many Americans fail to appreciate—the post 9/11 sacrifices of our armed forces and the families who support them. The tactical flight operations and ground combat scenes are real—not Hollywood — and the stories of wounded warriors and the military medical teams that care for them are unforgettable.”

General Bill Begert, USAF (Ret)

Former Commander, Pacific Air Forces


Centerline is the realistic and compelling story of the ‘battle’ after the fight is over . . . military members, some injured and some not, yet all having to deal with the issues of career, family health, recovery, and frequent exposure to the trauma of combat.  An excellent story highlighting aspects of sacrifice that are frequently hidden from public view.”

General William S. Wallace, US Army (Ret)

Former Commander, United States Army Training and Doctrine Command

Former Commander, US Army V Corps during the ground invasion of Iraq

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