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Raul Torres : “Where We’ve Been For The Past 13 Months”

In this week’s edition of our newsletter we wish to continue speaking to the people of District 20 about the issues that are important to them. Two weeks ago we put into motion our full

Speaking To Seniors

campaign plan to win the office of Texas Senate, District 20. Our quest to win the Texas Senate race started in Nueces County 13  months ago. At that time we began hosting a series of county wide town hall meetings. We have had the pleasure to meet people from all over Nueces County. We have visited the good folks from Bishop, Robstown, Calallen and Corpus Christi, and most recently we have had the pleasure to meet many of the hard working people of Jim Wells and Hidalgo County.

I have no regrets about running for the Texas Senate only the

Speaking To Veterans
feeling of gratitude and memories that will warm my heart all the years of my life. In campaigning you meet people in a way that is unique and different.   Traveling gives you the opportunity to meet people who gather to exercise their responsibilities as citizens. The candidate is the job seeker and the people are the prospective employers, and we have found that the great majority take their responsibility very seriously.   Only the world’s worst crook could intentionally fail them.

The campaign trail is no place for the weak in spirit or the pessimist. I am more convinced today than 13 months ago in the greatness of the great people of Texas and their capacity to determine their own destiny. It’s been an inspiring experience and at the same time a humbling one.

I have witnessed seeing high school students to senior

Speaking with voters

citizens drive 20-40 miles each day at their own expense to our campaign office, simply because they want to help in any way they can. They answer phones, seal envelopes, drive cars or block walk in the hot summer sun all for a candidate they choose to believe in.

Often I stare at their smiling faces and see the excitement of

Speaking to
teachers and parents

the campaign in their eyes, sweat falling from their faces after a hard day’s work. I know I can never repay them for their efforts. Yet, I also feel the burden of what I will have to say to them if we fail in our quest to win our senate race. What words will I choose to say to them that could possibly  ease their grief and their sadness at a time when some of them will feel that somehow they didn’t do enough.

My staff and I have obtained many memories over these past 13 months. Looking back our fondest memories have taken place at the font doors of many hard working people, others have been in the cold, rainy days of winter going from one event to another as people waited patiently to greet us with warm welcomes and others in the company of folks who honored us with their hospitality, their kindness and their appreciation.

Sure there are other memories not so pleasant where machine politics prevail, where if you don’t tow the party line or if your opinion is different from theirs they immediately turn on you and begin to make life extremely difficult. From the other side of the aisle our character is attacked, our words are twisted and where the telling of lies is the standard rather than the exception. Nevertheless, my belief in our political process has been strengthen because of you, the people of Texas.

Looking forward, we are going to continue talking about the

Speaking to
Business Owners

issues and problems that face us. We will continue to tell you the truth about what is truly happening in our local and state governments.

Every week, until Election Day, we will be talking to you about the two major choices you have for the Texas Senate. We plan to layout our vision for Texas and the ideas we have to solve our many serious problems.

We will communicate with you via emails, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We plan on clearly showing the stark contract between me and my opponent who has for many years failed in providing leadership that paves a way for a prosperous future for the citizens of District 20.

In November you will have to choose which man is best suited to represent you in the Texas. You must choose which man is ready to listen, who will have the courage to tell you the truth and which man will do the right thing even if it means he may not get re-elected.. I am abundantly confident you will make the right choice for Texas Senate District 20 this November.

Let’s Talk and Together Let’s Move Texas Forward!

Raul Torres,

State Representative

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