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Joel De Los Santos: The Republican Party is the Right Choice

Joel De Los Santos, Republican Candidate – TX House District 39

We interviewed Joel De Los Santos, Republican Candidate for Texas House District 39. In 2010, he ran as a Democrat and lost. After meeting a Republican Activist at a meeting in South Texas, he came to realize he was a Conservative, and began to see the Democrat Party in a different light. In this video, Joel shares his thoughts on switching Parties.

His words are powerful, and tell the story of so many Conservative Hispanics in South Texas who are crying out for real change.

Hispanics cannot deny their strong connection with the Democratic Party. It goes back to the days of our grandparents, who struggled to survive and advance their legacy. I can remember the night Ronald Reagan was elected. I was 8 years old, in my grandparents house in San Marcos,TX. A small black and white TV on a dresser across the room was obviously upsetting my grandfather, who was sitting in his recliner, looking like a nervous wreck.

Whenever they announced that Reagan had beat Carter, he calmly stood up from his chair, turned off the television, turned to my sister and I and said, with a scared look in his eye, “You might as well stand up and kiss your ass goodbye! This world is finished…” as he walked to his bedroom for the night.

I can tell you, I was convinced Republicans were out to ruin the world. Until I became enlightened.

The stories of “enlightenment” as I call them, are fascinating glimpses into what’s happening as we speak. In my opinion, Hispanics are having a hard time holding down the Democrat line. They are on the losing side of morality, and since most Hispanics, 64%, are Catholics, it would seem logical that since the Democrat Party is on the side of abortion, then it would not be on the side of God.

If the Republican Party is on the side of Life, then you can be assured, it is on the side of God.

We Christians stray from time to time. When we’re young, we do foolish things. We don’t always follow the rules, and we think things will be the same tomorrow. As we mature, we grow up. We get jobs, start families, and build careers. We begin to understand how things work, and for many of us…the Conservatives, we find ourselves questioning our purpose. We begin to appreciate the country that we live in, one that still has baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and somewhat Chevrolet.

If you are already a Republican, you’re in full stride. You’re attending the rallies, the conventions, and even voting in the Primaries. But if you’re a Democrat in South Texas, politics are quite different. One begins to question the morality of the Party leadership. Most Hispanics are Pro-Life, so we’re on the same team. Soon, we begin to question the Party itself, asking, “If this is what it’s like to be a Democrat, then I don’t want anything to do with it.”

Joel talks about his “switch.”

He’s running for TX-House District 39, which covers Donna, Mercedes, Progreso, Weslaco, Alamo, and San Juan. He needs your help.

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