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A visit with Hispanic Media Pioneer, Emilio Sanchez, Editor in Chief – Voxxi

Emilio Sanchez, President and C.E.O. – Voxxi

This coming Saturday (Aug 11th, 2012), at 3pm CST, we will be interviewing Emilio Sanchez, Editor in Chief of Voxxi, the Voice of the Hispanic 21st Century.

A new site with original content and unique Hispanic perspectives, Voxxi’s target audience is the rapidly growing bilingual population in the United States.

But before Mr. Sanchez launched out on his own, to create the platform for new Hispanic bloggers and writers, he spent 20 years with EFE, most recently as U.S. Hispanic Managing Editor.  His background in international news, combined with his desire to expand in the United States has proven to provide an all-new medium for Latinos to express our opinions.

Unlike the major news sites, like Yahoo News or FOX News, Voxxi’s base of writers comes from those of us on the ground, with skin in the game.  Emilio understands it’s all about original content, and with recent news of its Creative Commons license, things are about to accelerate.

As a Voxxi Contributor, I appreciate the opportunity to share our Conservative message, a voice Sanchez feels must be represented on his news site, and as Voxxi grows, so will our message.

If you want an inside look at Hispanic politics and positioning, this interview will be exactly what you’re looking for.  I’ve heard Emilio talk about his vision of the future, and we’ll discuss that and more this Saturday afternoon.  Tune-in!

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