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Ted Cruz Faces Paul Sadler for U.S. Senate

Ted Cruz, Texas Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

Ted Cruz wins the Primary Run-Off Election, defeating Lt. Governor David Dewhurst in an exciting day in Texas.  It started early this morning, with anticipation high in both camps.  All the “insiders” I talked to were uncertain as to how this race would end up, but signs early on, at the polling centers, began to tell the story of a possible upset.

Dewhurst, the unofficial favorite in this race, was being criticized for his outrageous attacks on Ted Cruz.  It was becoming obvious that they were taking a negative toll on his election results.  I spoke with countless people who were sick of it, and in fact reversed their support for Dewhurst stating, “because of his negative ads, I decided to vote for Cruz.”

When the polls opened, Cruz had a small margin lead, but after an hour, it had grown.  In another hour, it was over.

All the hype, the media, and the money had culminated to this moment, and Ted Cruz emerged victorious.  Congratulations to Ted Cruz and his staff, who undoubtedly outworked the Lt. Governor.  From the Texas State Convention, where Ted Cruz appeared to have the majority support of the Delegates, to today, it has been full throttle.  Tonight, I imagine Ted Cruz is taking a moment to come to grips with the reality of his election.

Paul Sadler, Texas Democrat Candidate for U.S. Senate

But, before we completely celebrate, we must now look toward the Democratic Nominee, Paul Sadler.

Who is Paul Sadler?  For starters, he won the Democratic Primary Run-Off with approximately 62% of the vote.  The Democrats seem fully supportive of their candidate, and now that they know who they’ll be facing, I’m sure they’re busy fine-tuning their strategy.

With Ted Cruz as the Republican Nominee, will Democrats have to worry about Hispanic Voters crossing over and voting for Cruz?  Or will the Democrats in Texas be able to keep their Hispanic voting block in order?

The real race has begun, and Paul Sadler is our number one opponent.  Many in Republican circles say the Democrat opponent doesn’t stand a chance, but I am not one to take our opponent lightly.  As bloody as this campaign was between Republicans, I can only imagine what it will be like with the Democrats.



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