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Re-Post: FAIR study on Obama’s immigration record

This is a report on the Obama Administration’s record on their Immigration policies during the past three years. It shows how the entire immigration system is being dismantled from within.

President Barack Obama came to office in 2009 and pledged that during his first year of office he would enact amnesty legislation for illegal aliens living in the United States. That, of course, did not happen — not because of any lack of ideological commitment on the part of the President, but because of pragmatic considerations. Only two years earlier, President Obama, then Senator Obama, watched as President George W. Bush tried to toss the American people into the boiling cauldron of comprehensive amnesty in 2007. It didn’t work. Voters angrily crashed the Capitol switchboard on the day the Senate was set to vote and as a result, fourteen Democrats joined thirty-nine Republicans to vote down the amnesty legislation.1 The President concluded, correctly, that there just is not an appetite in Congress for another politically bruising fight over comprehensive amnesty.

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