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Interview with Adela Garza, Candidate CD-34

Adela Garza, Republican Candidate CD-25

In South Texas, two Republican Candidates are in a Run-Off in Congressional District 34. Adela Garza is one of those candidates, and just a few minutes ago, I caught her on Facebook for a quick interview on Day-1 of Early voting.

Duke Machado: Adela, it’s great to visit with you…I know you’re busy, so I’ll just ask a few questions if that’s ok with you.

Adela Garza: I’m multi-tasking today… two phones and chat, and early voting started a few hours ago.

Duke : Ok then…a quick three question interview I can post on

Adela : OK

Duke: Do you support the Texas Solution? And why/or why not?

Adela : I do support it. It is a very good start, and lots of people including my daughter, have worked on the Platform committee for years to put out a reasonable plan. What I like about it is it addresses a guest worker program, and I do support that as well. I am very close to Art Martinez, who worked very hard on the Texas Solution.

Duke : Other than Jobs and the Economy, what do you feel is the next most important issue in your district and why?

Adela : Border Security. We are too close to the violence in Mexico, and if we do not stop it in Cameron County, the violence will end up in the north. Of course, I’m speaking of stopping the terrorists and illegals.

Duke : How do you propose to stop it?

Adela : We need boots on the ground and our local law enforcement needs help.

Duke : What do you mean by “boots on the ground?”

Adela : We need more Border Patrol agents and again beef up our local law enforcement. Duke If I win the run off I can win in November. I have won elections here.

Duke : That’s good to know…

Adela : If this was non-partisan right now, I would have no problem. In November, I will get lots of the crossover votes, like I did for Blake.

Duke : What are the cross-over issues that resonate with the voters there?

Adela : I am Catholic, so Pro Life issues are key, and we are proud people… we want jobs not hand outs.

Duke : Last question…

Adela : Shoot.

Duke : Why should people vote for you and not your opponent?

Adela : People should vote for me because I have proven record of dedicated service and honesty. I have served on many boards honorably, and I’m a business owner who has lived in the district for 36 years. My kids went to school here, my business is here, and I own lots of property here, unlike my opponent, who came to South Texas to run for office. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I care for my country and I cannot think of waving any other flag than the US. My four kids are professionals and I have mentored them. I have kids your age, and they’re very successful in their own right.

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