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GOP Platform Opens door for National Immigration Solution

The GOP wants to hear from's the time to raise our voice!

Recently, the RNC launched the GOP Platform 2012 website, which allows us to post our ideas for the platform committees to review and build into the official Party Platform.  For those of us who voted for the Texas Solution, a solutions based, free-market driven, game plan to address border security and illegal immigration, our time has come to raise our voice.

We now have the opportunity, using the power of Social Media, to affect real change in our Party and create the synergy needed to create a National Immigration Solution.

This is not a drill.  This is the real thing, and our voice will be heard loud and clear, but you must participate.  It doesn’t cost anything.  You simply sign-up (can be done with Facebook login) and “2nd” the The National Solution : Border Security and Immigration topic. (Located under Foreign Policy, National Security, and Defense).  This is an incredible site with amazing potential.

If we want to let the National Leadership hear us, we must make it happen.  This is our chance to show everyone that there is a way through the maze.  There is a way for the Republican Party to LEAD on this issue, and resolve this problem.

Please click the link above and let your voice be counted!

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