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CD-25 Debate : Roger Williams / Wes Riddle

The new Congressional District has been drawn, and the final two Republican Primary Candidates will face-off tonight at 6:30pm in Clifton,TX (Civic Center) to answer questions and show the voters who is more qualified to represent the new District.

Moderated by Janet Jackson, SREC Committeewoman for Senate District 22 and Vice-Chairman of the Bosque County Republican Party, this debate will allow each candidate opening and closing statements, along with the opportunity to share their opinions and ideas on how they would move this new district forward.

Williams, an auto industry businessman has unique qualifications that obviously speak to the business owners in the district, while Riddle, a Westpoint graduate and retired Army Lt. Colonel is well versed in the US Constitution, a major asset in today’s political environment.

Which one will connect with the audience tonight? We’ll soon find out…

This event will be filmed and posted on YouTube for all to watch.

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