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Rep. Ron Paul endorses Wes Riddle for CD-25

Our campaign is honored to announce the endorsement of Dr. Ron Paul!

In a statement that Dr. Paul has offered our campaign:

I am proud to endorse Lt. Col. Wes Riddle (USA, ret.) for Congress.  Wes is a committed patriot who graduated from West Point, served his country abroad as an army officer, and if he is elected to Congress, I am confident that he will fight every day to restore the Constitution and return to limited government.  Liberty voters have a strong choice in this CD-25 Republican runoff.  I hope my generous supporters will help Wes win this runoff because we need more men like him.”

This is a huge boost to our campaign!

This morning we have launched a $25,000 money bomb for the Ron Paul endorsement – Can you please chip in?

As a fellow Veteran, I am honored that Dr. Paul would endorse my candidacy for Congress. I share Dr. Paul’s commitment to defending liberty and the Constitution. He’s remained a national leader in defending liberty, even when doing so was not popular.

While Dr. Paul and I may not agree on every aspect of foreign policy, we do agree on the constitutional responsibility of Congress in declaring war and authorizing long term military commitments.

I deeply appreciate Dr. Paul’s support and would welcome the support of those who support Dr. Ron Paul in our runoff campaign against a bailout-supporting, establishment opponent who has already spent over $1.6 million in this race.

Please help our campaign by making a generous contribution of $10, $25, $50, $100, $250 or any amount you wish to give. The individual limit in this race is $2,500 per individual as the runoff is considered a new election.




FAITH and Freedom!,





P.S. Support the Wes Riddle Campaign for U.S. Congress – District 25 by making your donation today. You may also volunteer at the campaign headquarters in Bell County, make phone calls from home or at the Travis County phone bank operation or commit to any of the following:

-Endorse Wes Riddle for U.S. Congress

-Tell friends, family and neighbors to support Wes

-Host a Fundraiser or Meet & Greet

-Be a Field Representative for the Riddle campaign

-Join the prayer chain for Wes & Aida

-Put up a Wes Riddle sign in your yard or property


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