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George Rodriguez, “Time for Local Action”

George Rodriguez: Supporter of the Texas Solution and Conservative Political Activist

A few days ago,  I visited with George Rodriguez, former President of the San Antonio Tea Party and extremely active political ally. We talked about the Texas Solution, which he fully supports, and the issues we’re facing in South Texas.

He told me about the direction San Antonio is headed under the leadership of Democratic Mayor, Julian Castro, saying “The Liberal representatives in South Texas like Zaffirini, Hinojosa, Cuellar and Van de Putte must go,” reiterating the need to do all we can to get Conservative Republican Hispanics to run for office and fund their campaigns.

He also talked about his newly formed PACs, the South Texas Political Alliance, and South Texas Alliance for Progress, which he hopes will play a role in shaping the future of South Texas politics.

Below, is an email he sent that talks about the new PACs, and how he intends to use them. We agreed it is important to be doing the work on the ground, in the homes, but without funding for candidates, it’s difficult to overcome the deep pockets and entrenched Democratic system in place in South Texas.

From George Rodriguez:

“The Supreme Court decision on Obama Care has shown us that “we the people” must act on and through Congress and the Presidency to defend our freedom. While we must defeat liberals at the national level to change this law, we must also remember that local liberals mature into national liberals. Two new organizations, the South Texas Alliance for Progress and the South Texas Political Alliance have been formed to defeat our local liberals before they mature to influence national policy. These two organizations will develop a new generation of local conservatives to affect and influence state and local public policy, and eventually national policy.

Local Liberalism

Remember how San Antonio Mayor, Julian Castro and his friends on City Council changed the name of Durango Street in the face of popular opposition? Remember how Castro wants to impose yet another local tax for “education”? Remember how he is subsidizing downtown housing with taxpayer money from outside 410 Loop?

Remember how Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff is pushing his agenda ahead on streetcars regardless of the people’s vote in 2004? Remember how the liberals from Bexar County in the Texas House and Senate have consistently been in favor of more taxes and less personal freedom?

Two Different Organizations and One Vision: Conservative Local Government

We must educate and inform the public about local issues from a conservative point, AND we must elect local conservative candidates that will support conservative local public policies.

South Texas Alliance for Progress is focused on educating, informing, and engaging local business, political and community leaders about how existing and proposed government policies affect south Texas communities. It is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization and donations can remain anonymous.

South Texas Political Alliance identifies, supports, elects, and defends local candidates in south Texas that promote the fundamental American values of limited government, free enterprise, and personal responsibility. It is a 527 nonprofit organization.

South Texas Alliance for Progress

8620 N. New Braunfels, Suite 427
San Antonio, TX 78217

South Texas Political Alliance
8620 N. New Braunfels, Suite 427
San Antonio, TX 78217

For further information, please contact George Rodriguez at 210-367-2058.”

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