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Thank You Hortencia Wilcox!

Last night, I called a woman in Waco, who was referred to me via Anita Allen, of the McLennan County Republican Women’s Club. The woman has three children, one is a Senior and the other two are in their early 20’s. When she heard about our Stepping Stones education initiative, she asked Anita to have us contact her and set up an appointment.

The woman didn’t speak much English, so I decided to call some “back-up” just in case my Spanish wasn’t good enough. I called Hortencia Wilcox, who many of you might remember as the Hispanic woman who was all decked out in Romney Gear at the State Convention. She and I have been collaborating back and forth, and she understands what we’re doing with regard to the Stepping Stones program.

I called her and said, “I need you for five minutes…are you busy?” “No…I’m good…what’s up?” she replied. “I’m about to call a lady about Stepping Stones, and the notes say she speaks Spanish, so I wanted to have you on line just in case I need help communicating with her,” I said. “Sure…go ahead…”

So I called and we had an incredible chat. Having Hortencia on the line was perfect. It added a special touch and we set an appointment to visit with her on Monday, 8pm. Small things add up, and in no time, Stepping Stones will be changing communities all across Texas.


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