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Bill Flores, on Texas Solution and Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Sneak Preview:

WACO,TX – If you’re a DREAMer, or you have family or friends caught in immigration limbo, I ask you this. How many times must you hear the empty promise? How many politicians will you believe in, only to discover they let you down? The answer doesn’t lie in forcing Americans to “deal with” this President’s wishes and demands. That’s only going to ruffle everyone’s feathers, making it tougher to pass the right legislation and resolve the illegal immigration issue.    The answer lies in a methodical approach with the intent of resolving the issue, and that’s where we republicans are headed.

Unlike President Obama, who over promises and under delivers,  we want to pass a bill the right way.  We need to allow the public to have a discussion about it and involve the entire nation.  Immigration ranks somewhere around 5th or 6th on the “issues”radar right now, with Jobs and the Economy always #1 and #2.  Immigration should move up in the rankings, before it’s too late.

Bill Flores gets it.

He understands the intricacies of making policy, and is finely tuned to the growing issue of illegal immigration.   Flores, whose district sits in an area called the “golden triangle,” (land between Dallas, San Antonio and Houston), is fully aware Hispanics will be the majority in Texas in just eight years, and understands his district is expected to see rapid, exponential growth in the next few years, requiring a well-trained work force to accommodate the growth.

Although we know what’s coming, we haven’t figured out a solution.  At this time, there are a few variations of a DREAMAct-style proposal, but are they enough?  We admit there isn’t an answer…yet. We acknowledge it will require a supportive congress to make it stick, and we know we’ll have one chance to do it right. Failure is not an option.  Because of the efforts of many people in Texas, and the votes of the majority of Delegates at our State Republican Convention, we now have the “Texas Solution,” a blueprint to resolve our immigration dilemma.

It may be hard for many Democrats and liberals to believe, but the Republican Party is working on a long-term solution for this issue, and today, I met with US Congressman, Bill Flores, of District 17 in Texas. Representative Flores was elected in 2010 in a hard-fought battle to defeat 20 year incumbent Democrat, Chet Edwards. Flores has gone to Washington and made an impression on the leadership there, and as promised, has kept in touch with us regarding our outreach efforts to the Hispanic community, and is now moving forward to begin the process of resolving our immigration crisis.

We talked about the Texas Solution, the newly adopted immigration platform of the Republican Party of Texas, going into an in-depth discussion on his views of the current situation. Unlike our Senatorial candidates, Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst, who refuse to take the risk and discuss immigration, Flores was open and honest about his thoughts on what we should do as a Party and as a Nation. There was an interesting conversation on Marco Rubio’s immigration plan, and whether it resolved the issue or not. Must watch the videos to hear what he had to say.

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