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Dewhurst just lost me

WACO,TX – Today, on the Shane Warner Morning Show (Newstalk 1230), David Dewhurst, was asked about the Texas Solution (immigration) passed by the Republican Party of Texas.  Shane wanted to know how he felt about it, and what he would do if elected, to address our illegal immigration issue. I was shocked to hear Dewhurst back-track from what he said to me in Feb, 2011, at a “round table” in Austin.

Now he wants to send illegals back to their country of origin and re-apply for citizenship.  Hmmm… In my opinion, he just lost me. Not because of his decision to finally pick a side, but because he misled many of us into thinking he had a different plan.

Here’s the blog I wrote one day after meeting him at his dining room at the Capitol, with several other Hispanic Leaders.  Who else was there?  Jane Burch (SREC/Outreach Chairman for RPT), Melissa Salas Blair (Texas Puentes Action), George Rodriguez (San Antonio Tea Party), Justin Hollis (former Outreach Director/RPT), Fermin Ortiz, Reggie Gonzalez from RNHA and a few others.

Back then, he had a much different position. He talked about the reality of illegal immigration:  Dewhurst spoke of  the concern to weed out the “bad people” from those who want to work and contribute to society.  “We have to know who’s here,” explained Dewhurst.  He talked about getting illegals to “come out of the shadows” and register for a temporary visa or worker permit.

Since it had been over a year since that meeting, I was looking forward to hearing him confirm his previous positions, but instead, I heard something totally different.

I heard someone pandering to his base, and could immediately recognize his shift in policy.  I could tell he was dancing around the question by Host, Shane Warner, who followed up with a more direct question, specifically pertaining to what to do with the illegal immigrants living here after we secure the border.

With no good answer, Dewhurst began to fall apart.  He dodged the question completely, switching to typical “red-meat” comments like bringing an end to Obama Care and securing our border.  Dewhurst’s side-step was so obvious it made him look bad, and listeners sent emails, texts and tweets in agreement.

I’ve been leaning toward Dewhurst ever since that first meeting in February, but after today, it is apparent he will say whatever he needs to say to get elected.  And that doesn’t sit well with me.

I’ve always said Ted Cruz’ biggest “negative” for me, was his position on illegal immigration, and his lack of solutions.  It made me feel he wasn’t putting forth the effort to resolve it, and in fact, didn’t rank it high enough an issue to add to his Top 12 List of priorities.

I hope now, after what we’ve seen President Obama do with regard to illegal immigration, and the response from the media, this is a HOT topic.  Does Ted Cruz have a better plan than just shipping illegals back to their country of origin and telling them to get back in line and re-apply?  Not sure…I’ve never heard an actual game plan on the subject.  Maybe now, we’ll find out?


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