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Tony Abad: “I fear the DREAMers have been tricked once more”

Proponents of this immigration policy seem too eager to ignore Obama’s overreach. How can they choose to ignore the trampling of the Constitution?

TV’s talking heads, internet blogs, lawyers, reporters and newspapers have chosen to focus on the illegal immigrants, not on President Obama’s executive overreach. A person need not be a Constitutional expert to recognize this.

Non-thinking people have become apathetic to their individual voice. They have freely given their responsibility to the government while shackling themselves to the person in front of them; the blind leading the blind.

If this overreach is not stopped, what will Obama, or any other President for that matter, do next time? And yes, there will be a next time. As active citizens, we must show our strength and demand this be rescinded.

I don’t want harm to come to those ‘DREAMers’ of today. In fact, I wish the best for them and for their families, but I fear the DREAMers have been tricked once more, into having faith in President Obama.

Obama is but a man, a sinful man.

DREAMERS need to understand that a man cannot make their dreams come true. It takes something bigger for that to happen. You and I need to engage those DREAMers among us. Offer them information, direction and the American Dream. Do your part to clear out the fog. This is not about illegal immigration; it’s about a sinful man’s tenacity to believe he is bigger than the American dream. DREAMers must see through Obama and focus on their allegiance to the American Flag.

Being a first generation American, some of my family members still call Mexico their home. I don’t have to imagine what it is to live in Mexico, all I have to do is pick up a phone and make a call. My father, Felipe, is the first person I call on for his opinion. He knows the hardships of working the ten or more hours a day in the dry cotton fields of the Valley, and is considered the “lucky one” among my uncles who still live in Mexico.

His story is not uncommon among immigrants. He worked hard since he was 10 years old, and was street smart with plenty of ‘hands on experience’. In his mid-twenties, Felipe signed up for the Bracero program, a guest worker program that allowed immigrants to work in the United States. My father told me of his hardships as a young agricultural laborer and of the racism he experienced. Yet, he also saw the humanity between strangers who shared the same long work day with little pay and too much time away from their families.

After years of working for the same farm, he gained trust and confidence of the ranch owner, who years later, sponsored my father and his young growing family into the United States. My father witnessed a miracle as the ranch owner signed the “sponsorship” documents, a day he will never forget.
President Obama has fed the hope of millions of illegal immigrants with his order. Those who qualify have experienced their “miracle,” and this past Friday became an emotional day in their lives. It was as if their lives started that day.

As a Christian and first generation American, I can’t help but feel happy for them. I can almost see their aging parent’s excitement as they realize their children will be alright after all. Their children will live without shame or regret in the United States. As President Obama politicizes with their future, families are living in this moment.

Unfortunately, I believe that President Obama has broken the law. He has usurped the powers of Congress, and has, yet again, ignored the Presidential constraints of the Constitution. Proponents of this immigration policy seem too eager to ignore Obama’s overreach. How can they choose to ignore the trampling of the Constitution? President Obama was wrong for misleading the Hispanic community and implementing this order.

Freedom pushes us to lead today, to be called Patriots tomorrow. Freedom demands responsibility, and responsibility requires action.  If the DREAMers want a long-term solution, they might consider a different approach, with a different Party.

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