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Ted Cruz, “The Type of Candidate we can be Proud of”

I spotted Mr. Cruz just down the aisle, at the Texas GOP Convention, simply a few booths from us. He was easy to spot, as he was surrounded by people wanting his picture or hoping for an interview.

I approached one of his staff members, explained who I was and what I wanted…an interview. The thing that struck me most about him was that he was actually present for the interview, he didn’t seem to be looking on to his next appointment, task or passerby. He was focused, passionate and sincere about his beliefs.

I asked him what he thought could be done to decrease the attrition rates among Hispanic high school students as they would soon be contributing members of the workforce and thus, the economy. He responded¬†that this was an important issue and even shared his own experience being a hispanic. He seemed proud, and reminded everyone listening that we are indeed a proud race who don’t want hand-outs, but work hard for what we have. He spoke about the importance of reminding Hispanics about their conservative values, how they are rooted in family, religion and self-reliance.

He greeted my husband and I warningly and thanked us as if we had done him a favor. He is the type of candidate that we can be proud of. A candidate we would want to honestly represent our values in Washington.

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