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David Dewhurst, “El Futuro de Tejas es el Futuro de Hispanos”

In an interview with GOPisForMe, an Official Auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas, Lt. Governor, David Dewhurst spoke of the future of Hispanics in Texas. Also a U.S. Senate Candidate, Dewhurst was busy meeting supporters at the GOP Convention, where we met up with him.

Those who have been following us know that over a year ago, I met with Dewhurst, along with a handful of Texas Hispanic Conservative leaders, for lunch and a discussion on the issues. It was an incredible dialogue, one in which he defined a plan to deal with our illegal immigration issues, and he outlined his vision for Texas. It was obvious, he had put a lot of thought into the issues concerning Texas Hispanics.

Since that day, I have known he has had a plan, and I came away feeling he was genuinely concerned with the Hispanic community. Some people say he’s just trying to get votes, but I don’t agree. His game plan is detailed, showing he’s put much thought and consideration into developing a solution for our problems here in Texas and across the country.

Not too long ago, I was speaking with one of our recent Hispanic “converts.” She told me one of the reasons she connected with President Obama was because he related to her. I asked, “what did he do?” “Well, he said things like Si se Puede!” she replied. Seems trivial, but to a person searching for a reason to vote for a Presidential Candidate, it’s the little things that matter.

If that’s true, David Dewhurst wins in Texas by a landslide…he’s fluent in Spanish, and we know the demographics. Is knowing Spanish enough to rally Hispanics? Not sure, but one thing’s for sure, it doesn’t hurt. July 31st is just around the corner. We encourage you to get to know the Candidates and their vision for the future.

This interview was hosted by Tony Abad, and covers David Dewhurst’s vision for Hispanics in Texas.

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