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Vote for Rebecca Cervera in CD-15 Republican Primary

I’ve been closely following the movements of Rebecca Cervera, a uniquely qualified Republican candidate in South Texas. Many blogs have been written about her entrance to the political scene in Texas, but today’s Election Day, and if you haven’t voted yet, you must decide on a candidate. Who will you choose? If you’re a Republican, and you live between McAllen and Seguin, then you have a choice between four candidates for Congressional District 15.

The winner will face off with either the 20 year incumbent, Ruben Hinojosa, or a newly elected Democratic Primary winner. Politicos are saying that if Ruben Hinojosa is defeated in his Primary, then we may have a better opportunity, as Republicans, to defeat a “rookie” than the seasoned political player, Hinojosa.

Personally, I don’t think it matters who wins the Democratic Primary. We know the tide is turning along the border, and the time has come for a Conservative Republican to emerge and claim the region. You see, the blinders are off now. Where at one time we felt the southern border was un-winnable, now we’re confident that Hispanics are conservative and independent. No one tells Hispanics what to do…we can vote how we want, and for who we want. If the best choice is a Conservative Republican, and we can trust them, then they will get our vote.

Democrats assume the Hispanic community is theirs. Forever. But they’re wrong, and they know we know the time is now. So, they’re doing all they can to recruit new Democrats at colleges across Texas. They dangle the DREAM Act like a carrot, hoping it can carry the votes one more time. But I think Hispanics are done with Democrats. One too many broken promises. Sure, we’ll always have the hardcore Democrat Hispanics…the Chicanos who are stuck in the 70’s, who’s pride will not let them cross the isle. But to most of us who understand reality…we know it’s going to take a person of strong moral character and incredible fortitude to change the dynamics in South Texas.

We know our future’s at stake, and for those who know we only have eight years before Hispanics become the majority in Texas, time is running out. What will our future look like? Will we be a majority of drop-outs? Or will we be a thriving community, with educated children and high paying jobs? It may sound hard to believe, but in my opinion, CD-15 is ground-zero for this “battle for the future.”

Cartels, corruption, bribery, car jacking and home invasions all exist today along our border. Yet, President Obama jokes about our border being secure, suggesting we build a “moat” around our state. How out of touch and unrealistic can one be? Even our Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, says the border has never been more secure. Really? Tell that to the people on the border. If you live there…you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, then you just don’t know.

One thing is certain, another Democrat will not solve the crisis in South Texas.

It’s time for new leadership. It’s time for a new vision for the border…and for Texas. So, before you vote, consider voting for Rebecca Cervera. Her life story is amazing, and her personal achievements, despite overwhelming challenges, is a testament to who she is, and what she’ll do for the district.

Rebecca is also a successful business owner in McAllen, and has experience in the real economy. She has employees, pays taxes and knows the challenges facing other business owners in her district.

To whom does she attribute her success? God. Plain and simple. She does not waiver in her faith and will not bend on her morals, which means she will not support any legislation that goes against her convictions, like abortion, and mandating Obama-care on religious-based organizations. In my opinion, she’s the right choice for many in the Valley, who see their community falling apart.

Last week, I met Rebecca in Seguin, the northernmost city in the district, to see what she’s been doing to win her Primary. I rode with her as she met with new supporters and visited with interested, potential supporters. Why Seguin? Last year, as a result of redistricting, Seguin, a more Conservative region, was drawn into Congressional District 15, a heavily Democratic region. Now, the Conservatives “in hiding” in the Valley, have support from their new friends in the North, who could actually provide the boost that places a Republican in a seat that has always been held by a Democrat.

Can it all come together? Depends on you. Our future is on the line, and your vote matters. Show up today and vote. Don’t let this day go by without voting…too may Americans died for our right to vote…as we memorialized yesterday. Rebecca Cervera is the wise choice for CD-15…she will not let you down.

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