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DeCluitt, Doing all he can to Inject Himself into our Lives

In a current political advertisement from the Chris DeCluitt campaign, DeCluitt claims that as of two years ago, McLennan County has lost its representation in Austin.  Since DeCluitt is running against Incumbent, (House District 56) Charles “Doc” Anderson, one might assume he was speaking about his opponent.

But upon reflection, you realize he’s not talking about Representative Anderson, but is in fact talking about Senator Brian Birdwell, who was elected despite the attempts of Chris DeCluitt and others in the McLennan County leadership to keep him out of office.

Instead of supporting a true hero and incredibly honorable man, DeCluitt and company were suggesting to McLennan County voters to “Keep Kip,” the incumbent who had decided to step down.  It was amazing to witness the tactics they used to keep one of their own in position, and how they would actually promote someone who didn’t even want the seat.  We all know their plans were foiled.  The natural process would have been for Averitt to step down and hand the baton to DeCluitt.

But that didn’t happen, and I’ll never forget what they did.

Fortunately, the rest of Senate District 22 realized they could rally together and outvote the former powerhouse in McLennan, and on Election Day, we voted for Brian Birdwell, ending a long held reign of the Senate Seat and control by McLennan County.

Senator Birdwell lives out of McLennan County, and therefore, DeCluitt says McLennan lost its representation in Austin.  Really?  Senator Birdwell represents all the counties of his district.  He doesn’t pick “favorites” like his predecessor, and that bothers DeCluitt so much, he’s running commercials about it.

I think he’s disrespecting our Senator for personal, selfish reasons.  To all those who feel we can only be represented by someone from our county, then why do we vote for Governor, or Congressional Candidates.  Bill Flores isn’t from McLennan, would DeCluitt and Co. rather have kept Democrat, Chet Edwards in office?  I think so…probably explains why he was around so long.

It’s a ridiculous claim, and one that shows me exactly what DeCluitt’s mindset is.  He’s not concerned with Conservatism and the people.  He’s interested in the goodies  he can sway toward Mclennan.  Is that why we vote for representatives?  Not me.

Like many McLennan residents are concluding, DeCluitt is doing all he can to inject himself into our lives, and quite frankly, it bothers me.  He’s got the support of the local Party leadership, which has been “grooming” him for years to go to Austin and represent McLennan County.  Sure, they would have preferred a Texas Senate seat, but as they realize people are getting wise to their tactics, they have “settled” for a Texas House seat for now.  I fear what life for us Republicans outside their “circle” would be if he were elected.   

It’s already tense in McLennan.  With their “chosen one” in office, you can bet those of us who do not support him will be remembered.  We will not be included in the Party, and things will revert back to the era when they controlled the county.

Long story short, the McLennan County Establishment is making a move to regain control.  They want their own person in office, so they can “guide” him.  No thanks, I’ve already experienced, and continue to experience rejection and disrespect from them.  I will not vote for more of the same…I did not vote for the same.

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