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Bobby Vickery, Republican Candidate- Texas House District 8, Addresses Hispanic Crowd

For as long as we’ve been working in Corsicana with the Hispanic club, we’ve been working with Bobby Vickery. He’s always been interested in what we’re doing because he realizes what the future of Texas will be like. He understands the future is Hispanic, and he wants to do all he can to advance the community so that it’s in position to participate in the bright future everyone talks about.

Bobby’s been with us to our steppingstones education meetings, he was with us when the Japanese film crew filmed one of those meetings in Corsicana, and he regularly attends the Hispanic Republican club of Navarro County meetings. Without a doubt, he has been very active with the club and shares its vision of inclusion.

With so much talk about the Hispanic vote, and early voting underway, it only makes sense to garner support in the Hispanic community. Recently, we organized an immigration forum to inform and educate local residents on the immigration process. We invited guest speaker, immigration attorney, Garry Davis and his assistant to provide individual counseling sessions with participants of the event.

Before the event began, we asked all candidates present to move to the front of the room and address the local residents. The following video is of Bobby Vickery addressing a largely Hispanic audience in Navarro County. We’ve all come to know Bobby, and believe he is concerned with the future of the Hispanic community.

To Democrats following the Hispanic Republican movement, there were several candidates who spoke at this event. All Republican. All White. They weren’t snobby and rude, like Republicans have been painted. In fact everyone was cordial. It was an awesome site to see Republican candidates connect with local Hispanics. We know that efforts like these will have a positive effect on the community and will therefore transform the image of the GOP.

I’d love to have your feedback on the message contained in this video. Please leave a comment.

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