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Texas Democrat’s Promesa Project: Over-Promising, and Under-Delivering?

I wrote this reply on a “Promesa Project” Blog, titled “Obama Organizing Fellowship in Ohio.” It is a write-up on the Fellowships offered to Promesa Project organizers. Adrienne Bell, a Brazoria County resident, is a Delegate to the Texas Democratic Convention, and has been selected to go to Ohio to develop the Promesa Project there, and initiate get-out-the-vote projects for the Democrat Party. She is a solid Obama supporter, and had this to say about his Presidency, “I believe history will reveal President Obama as one of the best Presidents in the history of the United States.”

I’ve been following the Promesa Project, since it began a few years ago. Google “alerts” are awesome, and I’ve read different press releases, etc. I’m a Hispanic Republican in Texas, and feel that the Hispanic community has been misled by this President. Why is it that deportations have increased in America under President Obama? If he was “really” concerned with immigration, and was a man of integrity, he would have passed legislation in his first year, like he said.

DREAMs and Promises…can’t we develop something real? Something tangible, that solves the problem, rather than only helping young students? What message does it send to all the other undocumented residents? That they’re not worth the effort?

A Bipartisan approach will be necessary to advance real solutions. I hope there are enough in the Democrat Party to agree that it takes us all, working together to fix things.

Regarding the “Promise” to vote Democrat…why does the Democrat Party feel they need to get commitments to vote Democrat? Are they concerned that the Republican message might resonate?

I am excited that we live in a FREE country, and have the right to assemble and let our voice be heard. Unfortunately, the Conservative Hispanic voice has been hushed by the Democrat Party. That’s why, in my opinion, those Conservative Hispanics, who believe in traditional marriage, and that the government should stay out of the business of the Catholic church, will begin the process of testing the Republican waters.

And I have to say, the water’s fine.

One final thing. It does say something, that the Democrat Party is going to college campuses and relying on DREAM Act promotion, to build their base. Targeting impressionable, sometimes desperate undocumented students to do the “heavy lifting.” Is that what the Democrat Party is all about? Over-Promising, and under-delivering?

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