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Incumbent Democrat Royce West, Called Out for Misleading the Black Community

For 20 years, incumbent Democrat Royce West, has represented Texas Senate District 23. The district includes parts of Dallas Oak Cliff, Lancaster, Red Oak, De Soto and much of the southern part of the Dallas metro-plex region. “Royce West has been leading the community down the wrong path,” stated Lawson in an interview with GOPisForMe.

According to Lawson, under the leadership of Royce West, the Black community in his district has deteriorated. Those who Royce West claims to fight for, are the ones looking for jobs right now. They’re the ones who are on welfare sliding further and further behind, while everyone else is moving forward.

It’s these people that John Lawson thinks about, and it is because of them, he has decided to run against Royce West and restore the community. Using logic and reason, combined with faith and vast knowledge of the Bible, Lawson feels that his approach would be one that followed the values and principles of righteousness. Essentially, it seems to be a battle between good principles and evil ones with bad intentions.

“If you see a group of people and they’re about to go off a cliff it’s your duty to warn them and tell them,” stated Lawson, speaking of the responsibility of our elected officials to warn the community of the impending dangers. “Royce West is just using the youth of the community to advance his political agenda,” Lawson added, regarding Senator West’s tactics used to start marches for Trayvon Martin. In our interview, Lawson went into detail and explained the many issues facing the community within Senate District 23, exclaiming that the community is trapped under the direction of Royce West.

Are the people in Texas Senate District 23 even concerned with politics right now? Do they know who John Lawson is? Do they care? Are they satisfied with Royce West? Or are they just doing what they’ve been conditioned to do? Voting for the candidate with a (D) in front of their name because that’s what their parents did.

What does John Lawson bring to the table that Royce West doesn’t? To me, it seems like the major difference is character. He brings honesty, integrity and a strong belief in God, one that would prohibit him from voting for any legislation that advanced abortion. Lawson said that “abortion in the black community is like a racial genocide, and Democrat officials are just helping to destroy the black community.” He believes that the black community has been deceived, and is determined to unveil the lies and restore truth.

If you live in Texas Senate District 23, take a look around. What do you see? Does it seem better now than it did 20 years ago when Royce West 1st took office? Or does it seem like everything’s gone downhill?

As you read this blog, the Obama administration is attacking your religious freedom. They think they can tell you what to do with your own health plan. They want to open the floodgates for illegal immigrants with the DREAM Act, and they see a future of a citizenry dependent on the government.

Is that what you see? Is that what you want? If you still believe there’s a chance for this country to get back on track, to make a better place to raise your children, with higher wages and quality jobs, then I suggest you vote for John Lawson on May 14, 2012. If you miss that date you can vote on May 29th. But whatever happens, don’t be complaining about another term for Royce West, if you didn’t vote. They think you can’t vote… they think you won’t vote. Prove them wrong! Vote for a new beginning. Vote for John Lawson.

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