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Interviewed by NPR / KWBU’s, Becky Fogel on DREAM Act

I was interviewed by KWBU‘s  Becky Fogel,  a Journalist for Baylor University’s radio station 103.3 FM, powered by NPR.  She wanted to know what I thought about the DREAM Act, and in particular, about the cases in Waco regarding two young illegal immigrants, soon-to-be-deported.  It was a great opportunity to share our views, and have a dialogue with a larger audience.

We met at our headquarters in Clifton, and I showed her our new “blue screen” and recording set-up.    I introduced her to Janet Jackson, SREC for Senate District 22, and Co-Founder / Trainer of GOPisForMe, who was preparing for the upcoming State Convention.
We moved to our audio recording studio and sat down at a table near a window for our interview.   We had some small talk, and I found out she’s from Chicago, is passionate about the Hispanic culture, and deeply concerned with the issue of illegal immigration. She’s inspired by issues, and loves what she does.  After a few minutes, we began our interview.

My interview is titled “Documentation vs Citizenship,”  but prior to interviewing me, Becky interviewed Waco attorney and immigration activist, Susan I. Nelson. Susan is deeply engaged in Deportation issues like this, and her recording is listed first. Let me know what you think…

Local High School Students Face Deportation

Documentation vs Citizenship


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