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Progress with Hispanic outreach for the Republican Party of Texas

For 2 years now we’ve been working with people in Navarro County who are interested in developing the Hispanic Republican movement. Republican chairman, Frank Steed, has been there every step of the way. We’re making a mark in Navarro County and Hispanic citizens are waking up to the reality around them. They look around and see no improvements. They see young people digressing, and the welfare lines growing.

How do we keep this train from derailing? First, we have to recognize that it’s out of control and heading in the wrong direction. Then we have to slow it down and put it back on a new course. Once we’re on the right track, where education becomes a priority and we hold our schools accountable for teaching our children proper math, science, English and the arts, then we can participate.

We need to go back to basics, where we learn to balance checkbooks, and understand what money is and how to make it. We need to learn hi-tech skills and be prepared to participate and enjoy living in that bright future. We don’t want to look up one day and realize that we waited too long. When the people who think they’re owed something and stand in line for government handouts, outnumber us. Society seems to be breaking down right before our eyes.

Look at the numbers. Look at the population explosion coming to Texas, where Hispanics will be the majority by the year 2020. If we don’t do something serious about educating the people, and preparing for the new industries coming to Texas, then we’ll be left behind. Now is the time to position ourselves for the future. We need to define what that looks like, and how we’ll get there. The Hispanic community is divided. Those with documentation issues or illegal status on one side, and legal residents on the other.

The Republican Party doesn’t need to get caught in the cross hairs between the two sides. The Party does need to create official statements on positions regarding plans on how to resolve our issues. Through the auxiliaries of the Republican Party of Texas, we can have a presence at local events like this one in Navarro County, and represent the Republican Party in a positive light. We get to clear the record and overcome the misconceptions.

This is Rosa Vasquez Nava, the new president of the Hispanic Republican club of Navarro County. Rosa brings new ideas and youthful energy. With 25 years in the area are family friends and business network is perfect to build the club. She wants to be active, and play a role in shaping the future. Keep your eyes on Navarro County, these guys are doing it right.

This was filmed at an immigration forum hosted by GOP is for me and the Hispanic Republican Club of Navarro County. We invited immigration attorney Garry Davis and his assistant to come and talk to anyone who had immigration questions. Garry is a member of our Trusted Attorney Network, and gave an amazing presentation and speech about the current immigration legal situation.

After Rosa spoke she introduced me and I addressed the crowd and spoke about the Republican Party and the need to develop representation and address issues.

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