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Ralph Patterson Challenges Incumbent Joe B. Hinton for McLennan County Republican Chair

For those following McLennan County politics, the race for the Republican County Chairman’s seat is definitely one filled with drama.  The current Chairman, Joe B. Hinton is being challenged by Ralph Patterson, an active Republican in both state and national levels.  Patterson lives in McLennan County and wants to bring a new approach to growing the Republican Party.  He wants to fill empty precincts and work collaboratively with grass roots organizations to increase the activity among Republicans in McLennan County.

Ralph Patterson is a businessman who is passionate and dedicated to serving the people of McLennan County.  He has stated that he will be extremely accessible and transparent regarding the financial situation of the Party.  He has stated he would be willing to open a new office, if the current office were not offered in the event Patterson wins the election.

The wagons are being circled, and the calls are being made.  How will the voters in McLennan County vote in the Chairman’s race?  Who knows, but the way I see it, there is lots of room for improvement.


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