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INTERVIEW : Kelly Snell, McLennan County Commissioner Pct. 1,

I met Kelly Snell, McLennan County Commissioner, Precinct 1 at his office on Tuesday . I always find it interesting when an incumbent is challenged by others in a Primary, and this is the season. Snell, who was elected in 2009, is nearly finished with his first term., and  he’s learning first hand what it means to face a Primary opponent. Why is he being challenged? What do his opponents think he is doing or not doing?

We visited for over an hour and talked about the jail, the budget, and the overall status of McLennan County. The next ten years will make us or break us, and it will require Commissioners with a vision for the future. According to Commissioner Snell, the future looks bright, and although he sometimes is swimming against the stream, he feels his unique ability to streamline and increase efficiency is exactly what the county needs.

Do you know what Commissioner Snell’s ultimate goal is? To be recognized as the most efficient county in the state of Texas. Considering we’re (McLennan County) still doing payroll with hand-written time sheets, we’ve got a long way to go. But have no fear, modern technology is here. We’re beginning to operate in the “cloud.” That means information can be shared easily within the county. Which would allow people like Commissioner Snell, to analyze the data and find ways to become more efficient. I would imagine things will get very interesting in McLennan County once we have an accurate accounting and transparency of our county government.

Please enjoy these videos and share them with your friends and family. Most importantly, VOTE on May 29, 2012!!


Kelly Snell, McLennan County Commissioner Precinct 1


Kelly Snell : Bidding Saves Taxpayers


Kelly Snell : Challengers


Kelly Snell : The Next 10 Years



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