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What did Obama mean by “Civilian Police force?”

Are you enjoying this new version of America?  The one that seems like everything’s the same, but in the shadows, the government expands, increasing its reach and grip on the people.

They want us to lose our morality, and break us down to the point that we don’t stand up for ourselves.  They’ve been conditioning us for decades, and if they succeed, we will melt down as a country without a shot fired.

Do we think we’re immune to total chaos and government breakdown? We go to sleep at night thinking the next day will be like the last, but one day, we’ll wake up and realize we’ve been taken over from within. What will we do? Suddenly, we’ll get to see exactly what President Obama was talking about when he said he wanted a “Civilian police force.”

How long do you think it would take before people started to panic? How long would it take for the grocery stores to be raided?  Since we know this President said he wanted to “fundamentally transform” this country, we should take him seriously.

From my perspective, he’s planning his next term, plotting how to continue strapping us down and burdening us with his mandates.  Sure his loyal flock love him… well, not all of them.   Some wish he would have passed immigration reform in his first year, like he said he would.  Then, he might have been able to secure the Hispanic vote. But he didn’t and now he’s got to make it up somehow.

I can only imagine what the LULCAC’s and Hispanic Activist groups want in exchange for their continued support?  What will the President do to earn their trust again, and how much will it cost? Can he just make another promise?

Back to the melt down of our society…

If things became chaotic, how would the President establish control?  Military?  Police? Or will be organize the “civilian police?”  Who would they answer to? How would they be selected? Is it sounding like a bad movie yet?

Could these people already in place? Who works for the government, has the ability to frisk you down, take you into a private room, ask you to strip, and you have to do it? Who else asks grandmothers in wheelchairs to enter a private room and prove their adult diaper is actually a diaper and not a bomb? I’ve recognized something we probably already think. To me, the TSA would be the first organization to expand its role.

I can see a push to build the TSA, creating new “jobs” and developing stations in cities across the country. They already exist in every airport in every major city in the nation.   What if they had guns?  What if their orders violated our freedoms?  Would we resist?

In countries around the world, the unthinkable happens.  As recently as last year, people who never thought their country could fall apart, find themselves being forced to comply with new laws. Women who were once considered equal, are now made to cover themselves, or suffer the consequence.

It’s a crazy world we live in, we should never take anything fro granted.

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