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Republican Party of Texas Platform : Immigration Plank Resolution

I am writing to introduce you to a resolution for our Immigration Plank on the RPT Platform. It is derived from the input of many within the Hispanic community, and crafted with help from many in the Republican Party. Our resolution adjusts the verbiage to reflect the actual intent, and eliminates that which works against our efforts.

The goal is to remove one of the Democrat Party’s most effective tools, their ability to point to our Platform and show how much the Republican Party is “against” immigrants. Every chance they get, they tell their “on the fence” Democrat friends that our Party doesn’t want immigrants. That we are only for the rich.

In my opinion, slightly altering the Immigration Planks would create the right environment to draw the Hispanics we say we are trying to reach.

Please help us by spreading this email to your networks. We really need to make this happen quickly, so we have time to get it submitted in County Conventions across the state, and ultimately, to the State Convention in June. Let me know your thoughts on how we can get this sent to the appropriate, key people who understand the need to adjust the Platform.

Republican Party of Texas, Immigration Resolution Comparison

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