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Re-wording Immigration Plank on RPT Platform

Last Convention I got my first glimpse of how the Platform of the Republican Party of Texas comes together. In separate committees, different components are being worked on, addressing new resolutions and settling on final versions for vote by the Delegates from across the state.

I didn’t realize  committees had been working on each of the planks leading up to the Convention, and in 2010, was unaware of the process in general.  To a first-timer, there’s a lot to absorb, and unless you know how to navigate the waters, and what the process is, you will not be successful in any attempt to revise or alter the Party platform.

Since we’ve begun meeting more Hispanics and spreading the Conservative message, we many times find ourselves in a debate with the people we encounter. They show up for a meeting and get excited. The next day, they tell their friends about how awesome the Republican Party is, and before you know it, their “friends” kill the idea that the Republican Party is the Party for Latinos.
What did their Democratic friend or family member say to them to switch them back?

Before the “interested” Hispanic is able to fully understand what we stand for, they’re led to our Party platform (page 27), and told to read our immigration planks.  When they get there, they read our platform and conclude that the Republican Party does not favor immigrants.  They can see the fear in the words used in our platform, and become offended with our rhetoric.  For a Party that needs to reach out to Hispanics, it sure doesn’t look like we’re trying very hard.

We need to “un-kink” the hose and craft a resolution for the immigration portion of the platform. There is a way to alter the verbiage without losing the intent of the platform issue, but we need Hispanics from across the state to join in this effort and present resolutions in your County Conventions, in order for them to be forwarded to the State Convention in early June.

There’s not much time, but we have created a Facebook group to collaborate on a resolution.   Please share this with anyone you feel is interested in the inclusion of Hispanics within the Republican Party.   It’s time to open the doors and welcome a bright future for everyone.

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