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For the past several weeks, we have been speaking to the Candidates for the newly drawn Texas House District 12, about having a debate.  We feel it would give the voters a chance to see them and understand their vision and solutions to issues in their district.

District 12 is interesting because it has both rural and urban constituents, who have similar but unique interests.  Some are land owners with ranches, while others live in the city and have different concerns than their neighbors in the country.

From water rights to budgets and immigration, we’ll try to cover the issues that matter most.

This will be a debate, not a forum.  A Panel of uniquely qualified, unbiased members will be developed to ask fair but tough questions, similar in style to what you’ve seen in the many Presidential Debates recently.


As of today, they have all agreed to a debate.


Chris Scotti
Kyle Kacal
Josh Tetens
Timothy Delasandro
Tucker Anderson

Details to follow… Tentative date and location : Last week in April , in a central location.

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