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Debate Night : Invocation by Dr. Nika Davis & Candidate- McLennan County Republican Chairman, Ralph Patterson

It was an awesome night. When I walked on the stage to begin the debate, I was able to see what we had envisioned when this idea first developed. Our goal, to inform the voters and promote the Republican Party. Before we began the debate, I wanted to have a prayer. Dr. Nika Davis, who recently spoke at the McLennan County Hispanic Club meeting, delivered a powerful and timely prayer for the community.

Many of you know that our original intent was to also have a debate between the incumbent Republican County Chairman Joe B. Hinton and challenger, Ralph Patterson. We never did hear back from Mr. Hinton, so the people of McLennan County missed out on the opportunity to compare the two candidates. Many Republicans in McLennan have had the consistent opportunity to hear Mr. Hinton at the McLennan County Republican Club monthly meetings, where he is given the opportunity to give a report.

Ralph Patterson did respond to our debate request, willing to debate Mr. Hinton, but never had that opportunity. Because of the advantage afforded to Mr. Hinton, we decided to allow a few minutes to Ralph Patterson to address those in attendance.

This video is of both Nika Davis’ prayer and Ralph Patterson’s vision for McLennan County. Thank you to all who participated, volunteered and helped coordinate this event.

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