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GOPisForMe gets National Exposure

We are excited to announce that as of yesterday, our voice has been given National Exposure.  Many of you know Carlos Sanchez, former Editor of the Waco Tribune Herald.  He has just become the National Political Editor for the News Site : VOXXI – The Voice of the Hispanic 21st Century.

He has been following our site and has asked me to join his official writing team, bringing a new perspective to the Hispanic political arena. is a site with major focus on the trends and issues developing in the Hispanic community.  It was created in the model of the Huffington Post, with a Hispanic theme.

I will be one of the only Hispanic Republican Columnists on the site, so I know we’ll get lots of response, comments and dialogue from those on the left.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s time to discuss the issues and address them, and VOXXI will be one of the outlets for us to build a movement and gain real traction.

I was asked to write something regarding the death of Andrew Breitbart.  Here’s my first Official Column on

Andrew Breitbart delivered real TV, not “Reality TV”


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