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Voting Against your Principles

As I watched the last Presidential debate, one thing stood out above everything else.  When Rick Santorum was talking about his voting record, he mentioned he voted against his principles for the betterment of the team.  He said politics is a team sport, and everyone has to play their role.

In my opinion, Santorum is an honorable man.  He is sincere and has strong moral character, but apparently, when he’s faced with the choice of voting with his conviction, sometimes he tosses his principles aside and casts his vote with the “team.”

Does that bother you?  Should it bother me?  Am I making too much of this?

To me, this last debate gave me a glimpse of what we might expect from his as President, if he were elected.  How can we trust him when he says he’ll vote with his principles, after he admitted violating his principles on more than one occasion.  I know he tried to dismiss it, but even those in the crowd that night felt like I did.  I heard a few boos and shuffling around.  They were probably thinking, “Did he just say that?  Did he just say on national television that he abandoned his principles and voted against his better judgment?”  Well, he did say it, and quite frankly, I have to believe a person when they say something so clearly.

The media is trying to paint Santorum in a corner regarding his social policies and beliefs.  They’re trying to position him as someone who doesn’t care about the health of women, but their attempts will fade, and this issue will turn into a simmer.  What will not change, is Santorum’s voting record.  How do we know if he’ll stick with his principles, or if he’ll decide to play politics?  I guess I’m glad he’s honest enough to tell the truth.  At least he didn’t try to lie about his record, but knowing he’d be fact checked, he must have figured it would be best to say he violated his principles than be called a liar the next day.

It’s a tough decision, but the candidates are making it easier.  Personally, I like the debate process…it’s helpful in that it gives us many opportunities to figure out each candidates true nature and intentions.  From what I hear, Santorum has a huge lead in my home state of Texas.  Gingrich in a distant second place, followed by Romney then Paul.  Wonder if Texan’s caught that last debate?



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