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Navarro County Republican Outreach Efforts in Full Swing

It was a cold, rainy day in Corsicana, TX.  Republican Candidates from Navarro County gathered at the I.O.O.F. Event Center to meet local voters and speak to the crowd about their candidacy.  The event, sponsored by the newly formed Hispanic Republican Club of Navarro County, featured a prayer for guidance from Raul Jimenez, an incredible Hispanic Outreach recap from Chairman, Frank Steed and presentation from Duke Machado, Director- GOPisForMe.  Fourteen candidates then took the stage, one at a time, and gave their best three-minute “pitch” for why they deserve the vote of the people in Navarro County.  From  Sheriff’s Candidates to County Commissioners, we heard many great ideas and met several wonderful patriots.  The videos below include one of Chairman, Frank Steed and one of Duke Machado.  Steed gives a detailed recap of the process required and effort it took for the Hispanic movement to take hold.

Machado spoke about the Hispanic Republican movement and had an incredible opportunity to connect with the many candidates in attendance.  The message is growing in Navarro County, thanks to the leadership of passionate Republicans like Ralph Gonzalez, Raul and Monica Jimenez, Johnny Gonzales and their growing team in Navarro.  We will post Candidate’s speeches soon.


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