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Dr. Nika Davis, Candidate for Waco I.S.D. At-Large Trustee

Last night, we heard from Dr. Nika Davis, Pastor  at Second Missionary Baptist Church in Waco and accomplished Educator.  He spoke to us about his experiences and unique qualities that give him an advantage over his opponent, Pat Atkins, a long term Trustee.  Davis, if elected, will be the only teacher on the school board.

From his Facebook page, “I have spent twelve years working in the education field. As a teacher, I received the honor of Teacher of the Year in Lufkin High School. I have served on many committees including the Faculty Community Council with the superintendent of Lufkin ISD. As a professor at Tarrant County College, I understand the importance of college readiness and would be an asset in the district’s efforts to prepare more students for post-secondary study.”

Dr. Davis has a vision he calls “P3,” which defines his entire approach to education.  He discussed his thoughts on what it would take to change the “P” erception many people have of the WISD, and talked about the need to fill the gaps in our system.  A district with 51% Hispanic, 32% Black and 12% Anglo is one that requires a heavy focus on minorities and under performing schools.  Waco does not rank well in the state…somewhere below the 50 percentile.

Despite the overwhelming challenge, Dr. Davis feels he is the man for the job, and definitely expresses a deep conviction for ensuring the young people of Waco have a prosperous future.  He talked about the need to provide an educated work force, to capitalize on new technology jobs and heavily suggested WISD increase its capacity to partner with local organizations and community groups willing to assist.  It sounds like Waco could benefit from the contributions of Dr. Nika Davis…if he gets elected.  He needs your help and most importantly, your vote.



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