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Obama Slaps Catholics in the Face

It doesn’t matter how much damage control the Obama Administration does to undo what they did last week, nothing will change the fact they forcefully imposed their will on the Catholic Church and others, by mandating the church violate its core principles by providing birth control pills and contraceptives to all employees of religious based hospitals across the country.

It’s another phase of Obama Care, the “health care” program he promised everyone when he ran for President. Well, what do you think of it now? If you’re one of the many Hispanics who voted for Barak Obama, how does it feel knowing you put a man in office who is forcing many churches to throw away everything they know?

It may have sounded good in theory, and what could be wrong with everyone getting “free” health care?  Obama said we would no longer have people unable to get the care they need if Obama Care passed.  And it did pass…despite the efforts of the Republican Party to block it.

It’s the oldest trick in the book, called “bait and switch.” The first step is to bait the “hook” and convince the people this medical care takeover is really something they want.   They make it seem irresistible, showing pictures of the elderly and children getting the care they deserve.  All for free.  But is it free?  Nothing’s free in life… somewhere, there’s a “catch.”

And this is the “switch.”  Instead of getting what you thought you’d be getting, you get something different.  Finally, you get a chance to understand exactly what it means to be “mandated” to do something.  You get to see what it means to not have a choice…like the people in Socialist countries.

To the millions of Hispanics who voted for Obama because you thought he would fix immigration, he hasn’t. To the millions of Hispanics who voted for Obama because you thought he would create jobs…he hasn’t done that either.

And now, this? Who does he think he is? What makes him think he knows what’s best for you?

You may not be one of those who thinks the President is trying to destroy this nation from within, but ask yourself, what is the one thing that must be done in order to destroy America? Great leaders of foreign nations have always known that our nation’s greatest asset is the faith its people have in God. The same God that guided the hands of our forefathers still watches over us today.

Because of our faith, we are feared as a people. Because we rally when the Liberals attack Christmas, and we pull together in tragic times, our enemies cannot break us. But, if they can take us apart from within, they can do it while we attend our kid’s soccer games and go to work each day…oblivious to the danger at hand.

Our enemies know they must destroy our faith and will to fight. They must take away our faith in God and replace it with faith in the government. That’s where we’re all headed. People didn’t believe Obama Care would actually take place, but parts of it are already unfolding.

Rationing, End of Life counseling and now mandating that our churches abide by the government’s rules for providing contraception to its employees? It’s like a slap in the face to the Catholic Church. It is like kicking the Pope and pushing Cardinals around. Why? Because Obama doesn’t respect the church. He doesn’t understand people of faith. He doesn’t even place his hand over his heart when he says the Pledge of Allegiance.

If you voted for Barak Obama, it’s OK…you can’t change the past. But you can have an effect on the future. When November 2012 comes around, you can send him a message. Tell him that he can take his mandate and tear it up. We don’t need him telling us what to do.

In the past, the Catholic Church has always been neutral in the political arena, but today, it’s under attack. Recently, I read a letter from the Bishop of the Austin Diocese. It was a letter of distress, calling on all Catholics to pray for the Lord’s intervention and urged people to get involved politically to end this nightmare. Will you answer the call and ensure the Obama Administration’s agenda is stopped? Or will you just let someone else deal with it?

The “gig’s” up. Obama’s gotta go!

Letter from Catholic Bishop – Austin Diocese

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