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Ralph Patterson, Candidate for McLennan County Republican Chairman

There’s a lot of pride involved in this race.  The Incumbent, Joe B. Hinton, feels he deserves to stay, that he has done his job by increasing the number of Republican officials in the county, and for anyone to challenge him is a slap in the face.

But to those on the outside, the Party has fallen short in many critical areas and has failed to lead in crucial times.  From the lack of support in the Brian Birdwell race (local Party actually supported Kip Averitt, who was not running for re-election), to the failure to reach out and fill nearly half of the precincts in the county, there is a strong resentment building.  People are getting frustrated.   They want to help, but when they show up at Party headquarters, they’re told, “everything is under control,” and they do not need any extra help at this time.

Enter Ralph Patterson, a software development entrepreneur, business owner and solid Republican. He thinks there’s a better way to run the Party, and he’s dedicating his time and energy to making the McLennan County Republican Party more effective and efficient.

This video was filmed at the McLennan County Republican Women’s Club meeting, where the County Chairman, Joe B. Hinton, was invited and again failed to attend.  It would have been nice to understand what the Chairman had in mind as a game plan, but we can only assume he isn’t interested enough in the issues, or he doesn’t care what we think of him.  Either way, his non-appearance boosted the energy and apparent support for the challenger Ralph Patterson.

We hope you enjoy and share this video with all Republicans in McLennan County.

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