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The perception minorities have of the Republican Party is something we must overcome if we are to ever connect with the people.  For decades, Democrats have positioned us as the rich White guys who don’t care about the average person.  But we’re not all White…and we’re not all rich.  They think we’re money hungry lawyers, bankers and professionals who don’t know what it’s like to struggle.  Wrong again.  They’ve been told that to vote for a Republican is to vote against your people.

Tonight I’ll be speaking with the Dallas County Republican Party Outreach Committee, a meeting arranged shortly after a one-on-one visit with Dallas GOP Chairman, Wade Emmert.  We met at a Starbucks in Cedar Hill and visited for a few hours about the future of the Dallas County Republican Party.

I interviewed him, then he interviewed me, both learning each other’s motives and ideas for growing the Party.  In the end, we both concluded that collaboration and unification could have a tremendous impact not only in the community, but the Party would also benefit from the tangible difference it made through outreach efforts.

For decades, Democrats have been on the front lines, “helping” the underprivileged find their way to all the government hand-outs they can muster.  It’s led the community into a trap.  Now, 30 years later, we see generations of welfare families stacked on each other, unable to escape. I look forward to meeting the members of the Outreach Committee, who have chosen to be in the trenches.  We will talk about our education initiative, Stepping Stones, and how we can impact the local community through volunteer efforts of dedicated Dallas County Republicans who see the future and choose to play a role in its development.  They choose to give their free time to help others, and will be on the front lines in the battle to keep Texas Red!


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