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Duke Machado on 55 KTSA, San Antonio

This morning at 10:30, I was interviewed by Jack Riccardi,host of the Jack Riccardi Show (Gang of Four) on 55 KTSA.  He has hosted midday, nighttime and special events talk shows for 550 KTSA since July 1999.  Jack’s a native of Boston, magna cum laude graduate of Boston University with a degree in journalism, and worked in music radio in Boston and New England throughout the ’80s. “Talkers” magazine annually lists him as of of “America’s Most Influential Talk Show Hosts”.
We talked about the Administration’s attempt to force the Catholic Church into providing abortion related treatments in hospitals that receive Federal money.  We also discussed the Republican Party and the efforts to reach the Hispanic community.  Riccardi ran across one of my blogs titled, “No Need to Fear Hispanic Republicans.”  It was a great opportunity to expand the reach of our message and connect to thousands of listeners.

Here’s the Podcast:

Duke Machado

Feb 6 2012 1:39PM

Jack Riccardi talks with GOP is For blogger Duke Machado

Click to Listen to Podcast!


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