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McLennan County’s Sheriff Showdown

The Race for McLennan County Sheriff comes down to two candidates. Parnell McNamara, retired U.S. Marshall’s Department and 30 year law enforcement veteran faces off with Randy Plemons, current Deputy Sheriff of McLennan County. Both have experience and unique qualifications for the job, and both have vision for the future of the County. Both men are definitely passionate about law enforcement, and love McLennan County, but only one will advance through the Primary.

The issues we face in McLennan County include an escalated gang/cartel presence along I-35, as well as an increase in drug trafficking, which go hand in hand. In addition, in the next eight years, we will see a surge in Hispanic population, much of which will inevitably come in the form of illegal immigration. With so many undocumented residents, the safety of our families and neighborhoods is at stake.

Which of these candidates will tackle the growing problem head-on? Which one of these candidates has the fortitude to step-up and unapologetically go after the “bad guys?” We hope these videos help to give you insight into their vision and serve as a tool for you to make an educated decision.

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