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“King of Class Warfare”

We’ve been told by politicians that we deserve a “fair shake” in life.  We’ve heard it for so long, many in the middle and lower class have begun to believe they are entitled to it, that it’s their “turn” to have the advantage.

Most people think a fair shake is a good thing.  They think, “Why should I pay 30% of my taxes while I’m still struggling, trying to succeed, and the millionaires get away with paying a lower percentage than me?”  They don’t think it’s right, and I agree.  But that’s the tax system we have, and the business owners of America know it and take advantage of it.  Until we do something about it, nothing will change.

But, before we get swayed into thinking we need to kick everyone out of Washington, let’s dig a little deeper.  Let’s ask a few questions to those of us in the Middle Class.  This is how I describe the middle class:  We are either single, married, with kids or without, some education, willingness to work for what we want and we’re still working to achieve those things.  We worry about paying our bills and at times have extra money to “catch-up” on things.  We have kids in school, pay our taxes and love our families.

There are a lot of us.  We sometimes work two jobs, and cut back when we need to.  And the lower class is having a harder time.  They love their families just as much, but for one reason or another, weren’t able to get an education, or maybe they took one too many gambles and now they’re coming back up.  The lower class work jobs that don’t pay much.  They are always thinking about the next check and the next electric bill.  Many times, they choose between paying for food or a utility bill.  Many of them are on some sort of government assistance program to make ends meet, and many have a dream to one day own a home and have a successful career.

It’s easy to see why the phrase “Fair Shake” resonates with us.  When we see Illegal immigrants taking our hard earned money, it bothers us.  Why do we have to pay more to provide ESL classes for the huge surge in illegal immigration from Mexico?  We don’t think it’s fair that we have to struggle, yet they buy new trucks and homes, using our money to do it. Our government doesn’t even have to verify citizenship in most cases…in fact, we can’t even ask them.

In my opinion, President Obama is the “King of Class Warfare,” playing the game like a pro.  He wants everyone to have a fair shake, But that’s not really what’s happening.  The truth is, there are more people taking advantage of our system than ever before.  A “Fair Shake” is really a “hand-out.”

I was talking to a hardcore Democrat a few nights ago.  He tried to explain to me that all he wanted was a fair shake.  I said, “And what is a fair shake?  If you want a fair shake, then that means you want to level the playing field.  If that’s the case, then everyone starts on the same line.”

“No,” he immediately responded.  “They (top 1%) already have the advantage.  I want to have the advantage. “  I replied, “So then you don’t want a fair shake, you want a head start.  How “fair” is that?”

Since the Democrats try to play the “code word” game on us, here’s one for them.  In a nutshell, “Fair Shake” is codeword for “Unfair Advantage”…they think they’re “owed.”  This is why the Democrat Party is so dangerous.  Their goal is to keep people wanting more…like an addict.  The more you need the government, the stronger your loyalty.  They want to keep the lid on the middle class and shut the door on the lower class.

In contrast, the Republican Party is wide open.  We want people to achieve more and take less.  Our vision is one of self advancement.  You make your own breaks.  Like my mother always told me, “Some people let things happen, and other people make things happen.”  We make things happen, and the Democratic lid is about to be blown off the middle and lower class.  First comes enlightenment then comes empowerment.

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