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Battle for Chief Justice of the 10th Court of Appeals

Last night in Waco, at the Hispanic Republican Club of McLennan County monthly meeting, two Judges laid out their reasons why they should be elected as Chief Justice of the 10th Court of Appeals.  Challenger, District Judge Steve Smith, gave us three reasons why he’s running.  One of those reasons was to restore the integrity and honor of the office, which he feels has been degraded by the Incumbent Chief Justice, Tom Gray.

Judge Smith mentioned in a previous Press release, “The courtroom is no place for judges who want to write or apply the law to conform to their personal or political beliefs. We need true conservative judges who will create courtrooms with a level playing field where everyone is treated equally and with respect. Each case must be decided based on its merits alone. That’s the way I run my courtroom and that is what I will bring to the 10th Court of Appeals if elected.”

Smith went on to say that he believes Gray lacks the judicial temperament needed inside and outside of the courtroom and that he has lost the faith and confidence of the public.

Chief Justice, Tom Gray was also in attendance and spoke about his background and responded to the strong statements of Smith.  After Justice Gray’s brief introduction, he began to set the scene for how he would like the campaign to advance.  “In today’s political climate, it seems like the way to win is to tear down your opponent, climb up on their corpse and bones and shout out victory,” stated Gray, in a direct response to Smith’s public statements regarding Gray’s public slap on the wrist by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct for lapses in judgment.”

McLennan County is one of eighteen counties within the District of the 10th Court of Appeals.  The Chief Justice position of the 10th Court of Appeals is up for grabs, and these two men will have a full load and a fiery campaign.  Please take a moment to watch the videos and help by sharing this post with your concerned friends and family.

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  1. Darin Brock

    Five minutes is not enough time for Tom Gray to try and rectify the damage he did to the reputation of the 10th Court of Appeals. Breaking into colleagues offices, buy guns with campaign money, poisoning cases with self-imposed opinions, not actual law. We could go on and on. And here he tries to blame it on other judges who are no longer on the bench when it should be stated these judges were actually brave enough to stand up to this little bully and his Napeoleanic tirades. He then goes behind the back of colleague and secretly campaigns for another candidate. Judicial conduct and Tom Gray? What a joke. If this the type of person that runs for judge on a conservative ticket, then the GOP is no longer for me.

    • I guess that’s why Judge Smith has decided to step in and make a difference… Just great to have this issue out in the public for the people to see.

      • Darin Brock

        Duke – You guys are doing a great job trying to include the Hispanic population in the GOP party. I commend you for that. Sorry, I just get riled up when I see and hear a hippocrit throwing stones at the wrong people. I for one will be casting a vote for Judge Smith!

        Thanks to for keeping us informed and up to date on all the races.

        • We’ll be posting more: Texas House 56 (Doc Anderson / Chris DeCluitt), Texas House 12 or 57 (Josh Tetens/Timothy Delasandro) and McLennan County Sheriff (Parnell McNamara / Randy Plemons)

          Stay tuned and help spread the word!

  2. Ron Hinds

    Fascinating that Judge Gray has precisely described the way that he and his stooges brought down the Honorable Felipe Reyna. The difference, of course, is that Judge Smith is telling the truth about Judge Gray while Judge Gray and his stooges lied about Judge Reyna.

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