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How do you do Hispanic Outreach without Discussing Immigration/Border?

I’m just about frustrated with the lack of messaging our Party has developed to position us as the Party that’s solving problems.  Hispanics are the hot topic these days, and once again, it’s coming down to votes.  It makes me wonder if there’s a plan at all.

On our Party’s official Hispanic Outreach website, which by the way, opens in Spanish translation, has an issues tab.  I clicked it to see what the Party thought about these explosive issues.  I couldn’t believe what I saw, and immediately recognized exactly why it is we’re making no real progress.

Here are the “Issues”: Economy, National Defense, Courts, Education, Energy, Health Care.

Notice any major issues missing?  No mention of Immigration or Border Security.  No mention of the massive problem we face as a community.  No mention of how we can position ourselves as the Party to solve these issues.  For some reason, the “powers that be,”  at the RNC have made the decision to omit anything relating to immigration/border security.  Doesn’t it seem strange that we would attempt to connect but fail to provide substance?  What is the position of the Party?  To hide and duck?  That’s what it looks like to me, and I’m sure that’s how it looks to anyone else who visits the RNC’s “social media” strategy.

On January 11th of this year, the RNC has named Bettina Inclán as the Director of Hispanic Outreach. Bettina is the former Executive Director of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly and has served on numerous campaigns at the national, state and local level.  Inclan mentioned that “…the Latino outreach is nothing new and that the RNC would reach out even more to Hispanics through social media.”

And that’s what worries me.  How can we be serious about making huge strides through a National Hispanic Outreach initiative, and think this is “nothing new?”  Everything’s new.  The game is different, and so are the rules.


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