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Become a Republican Precinct Chairman in McLennan County!

This is a post based on an email received from Janet Jackson, our State Republican Executive Committeewoman for Senate District 22.  She is stressing the importance of having an open process to allow local citizens to join the Party through activism.
It came to my attention today at the MCRWC meeting when two respected members of the Club told me that either they or their spouse had been told by  McLennan County Republican Party personnel that they could not file for a Precinct Chairman’s position because it was either already held or they were not a member of the Republican Club.
For clarification sake, I have attached:
  1.  RPT Precinct manual which I would refer interested parties to pages 8-10 for duties and qualifications. (For Copy of Manual, please contact me :
  2. The Filing form for Precinct Chairman (to be filled in as below)APPLICATION FOR (Precinct)  CHAIR ON THE (Republican) PARTY GENERAL PRIMARY BALLOT
  3. An oath of Affiliation form for those who did not vote in the last Republican Primary
The application form must be filed with the County Chairman (Joe Bob Hinton) or County Party Secretary.
The filing deadline as of today is February 1. This will probably change since the Primary may be pushed back but I would push for the 1st.
I would urge each of you to consider letting your membership know that it is the right of anyone who is eligible to file for this position. They do not need the approval of anyone nor do they have to pass an interview.
The tenor of the MCRWC meeting today was charged with assertive planning and expectations of high energy volunteer participation. Does it not make sense to expect this from the County Party. To do so, there must be a vibrant Board consisting of Precinct Chairmen who are “not holding a place” but engaging their Precincts in the political process.
God Bless each of you for your tireless work.

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