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We’re looking for a fighter!

If you ever end up in a fight, you want to make sure the person standing next to you has your back.  You want to know they can not only deliver a power punch in the event the opposition gangs up on you, but also be willing to jump in.  The last thing you want is a sissy standing by your side, watching you get beat up.

Who’s perceived as the “strong” candidate?  And who’s the “weak” one?

That’s how I think people are summing up their support for the Presidential Primary candidates. There are many who feel it is going to take the soul of a fighter to win in 2012.  Our Presidential candidate will have to deliver “body blows” while dodging right hooks.  Our candidate has to be able to get down in the trenches and defeat this Liberal assault before it takes over for good.

Sun Tzu, the great ancient Chinese General, emphasized the importance of knowing the many elements of terrain.  He trained his Generals to read the terrain and understand how to utilize it to their advantage.  Valleys, hills, rivers, swamp land…they all contributed to the outcome of a battle.  The General who did not understand the terrain as well as his opponent would inevitably lose the battle.  Being out-maneuvered or outflanked meant certain death and devastation to entire populations.

The same rules apply today, except the “terrain” is no longer the jungles or hilltops of China, but rather, the hallways of Washington, D.C.   Using the principles of Sun Tzu, in order to be victorious, we need a master of the terrain and a plan of action.

The past two debates in South Carolina opened my eyes to this.  I could see Newt Gingrich separate himself from the pack, elevating his posture and commanding the debates. They did their best to pigeon hole Gingrich, even opening a National Presidential debate with a degrading personal attack regarding rumored unethical marriage terms with an ex-wife.  Even that didn’t shake him.  When Newt responded, I said, “Yeah Newt!  You get ’em!  Don’t let them get away with that!”  It was like watching a boxing match, and Newt was jabbing and delivering damaging blows to his opponents and the moderator.  No holding back.

People are seeing the boldness and to some it frightens them.  They’re so used to the politically correct environment, where telling the truth seems unethical.

Fortunately, Newt Gingrich doesn’t care about campaign consultants or the “base.”  He’s connecting directly with the people, and he’s doing it through his action on the National stage.  Right now, we Republicans are figuring out who we want to lead us on the battlefield.  We need someone with strength and proven experience in getting things done…someone who knows the terrain.  The “Left” thinks we’re divided and weak, but they’re wrong.  We’re preparing.  Once we choose that leader, the Democrats will see the full force of the Republican Party, and President Obama will be a one term President.


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