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U.S. Attorney General Sets Tone for Border Non-Enforcement

We all know how local politics work.  We have county elections where we vote for Commissioners, Clerks, Sheriff, J.P.’s and District Attorneys. We can immediately see the results of our votes and the actions of our elected officials, which gives us peace in our decision.  As it relates to crime and safety of our community,  there’s one position that makes all the difference in the world…the District Attorney.

With a “bad” D.A., the local police force feels limited in their ability to enforce the law.  They can make arrests, but what for?  If the D.A. doesn’t feel the need to pursue criminals and in fact, works against the police officers, eventually you end up with an environment of distrust and uncertainty.

If I was a police officer, and had to apprehend someone who might be armed and dangerous, risking my life for the safety of the community, the last thing I need to worry about is whether or not I’m going to be persecuted for doing my job.  If I’m successful in subduing the criminal, can get them into the squad car and take them to jail, I want the criminal to be prosecuted and receive a proper punishment.

But, without a strong District Attorney, that criminal may never see a courtroom.  He may be allowed to leave the next day, scheduled for court in six months, then forgotten about.  Or, the criminal might have spoken to someone and decided to file suit against the arresting officer for “abuse” during the arrest.

The action or inaction from the D.A. determines the resolve of the police force.  If our police force feels they do not have the support of the D.A., then they just back-off, knowing they are better off to not get in trouble for doing their job.  In time, criminals gain the upper hand and the system is out of balance.  There is no leadership.

That’s where we are today with our U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder.  The man who supplied military grade assault weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels is now going after our own Border Patrol agents for doing their job and arresting Illegals who bring drugs into this country.  Recently, El Paso native Jesus “Chito” E. Diaz Jr. lost his career with the U.S. Border Patrol and ended up with a felony conviction after an encounter three years ago with a Mexican teenage drug smuggler on the South Texas border.  (Read Full Story)  Holder wouldn’t know how to act in any situation our Border Patrol agents face on a daily basis.  He doesn’t have a clue how difficult and dangerous it is for our guys to do their job.  When you factor in the positions of the Obama Administration and the actions of our Homeland Security guru…Janet Napolitano, we can expect our Border Patrol agents to begin taking on the same attitude that many local police have when they realize their D.A. doesn’t “have their back.”

The way I see it, our U.S. Attorney General sets the tone for other U.S. Attorneys to take action against Border Patrol Agents.  When you add it up, it’s like we’re the bad guys and the illegals are under U.S. protection.  Seriously??

You always hear Vets talk about the bond they had with their fellow soldiers.  They never left anyone behind, and would take a bullet trying to save one of their own.  But our Border Patrol do not have that kind of support.  Now, they have rules of engagement…similar to those of Vietnam, where our soldiers were limited in their ability to do their job.

We Republicans talk about securing the border, as if it’s something we all believe should be done, yet expect our Border Patrol to do their job with their hands tied behind their backs.  I can see it now.  Soon, we’ll only be able to stand in front of Illegals and try to stop them from walking forward.  Or, maybe we can talk nicely to them and let them know we’re sorry for asking them to not enter our country, but if they would be so kind as to allow us to place them in custody, we would be happy to give them an attorney, food, water and a nice comfy place to sleep.

No wonder we have major problems…our Attorney General makes us look like a bunch of pansies!



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