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We Never asked for your Advice!

This Blog is in response to a post on the Texas Democrat Party website titled: Latino Outreach Advice to the RNC: Mute Your Candidates which has been distributed to several other sites and blogs.  It is a glimpse of how they work and what they think of Republicans.  It shows how they paint us as the “bad guys” and how their ideas are flawed.  I posted this as a comment.  We’ll see if they post it and what they say about it…


It’s funny how people feel the need to give advice.  My grandfather always told me not to give advice unless someone asked for it. I don’t remember any Republicans asking Democrats for advice.  But since we’re on the advice-giving kick, here’s some for Democrats.

Find a way to cover up the fact that under President Obama, your Democratic Leader, Deportations and ICE raids have actually increased.  From Fox News Latino : “Obama Administration record of nearly 400,000 deportations annually that has been bitterly criticized by immigration advocates. The poll shows that 59 percent of Latinos surveyed said they disapproved of the way the administration had handled deportations, in contrast to 27 percent who approved.”

I understand that now, Democrats are pandering to Hispanics to overcome the reality of mass deportations.  That’s the Democrat Party line…”Over-promise and under-deliver.”  Maybe there’s a way for us to actually change the way this nation deals with our immigration policy, but you can’t write in one blog that you want to work with Republicans in a bipartisan way to address immigration, then blast Republicans a few weeks later.

The Promesa Project is exactly what it says…the Hope Project.  I think Hispanics have had a taste of the Obama “hope”, and they see it as nothing more than “Hype.”  I think it’s sad to prey on the youth to do your outreach.  To get Hispanic young people to be your “liason” in the home is right in line with the traditional tactics used by the Party for decades to maintain control of the community.  It reminds me of something out of a bad movie.  Pretty soon, I can see you asking these recruits to “promise” to turn in their Party-betraying family to Party leadership.  I can even see a reward for doing so…maybe something tied to tuition assistance?

Give me a break!

If you want to get something done, I would suggest changing your game plan.  Remember, it will take all of us working together…oh wait…I almost forgot…your President doesn’t need Congressional authority.  He can just pull solutions out of his hat and make it so…like a King or something.  That may make good media exposure, but in time, those actions never come to fruition.  The only real way to fix the problem is to do it the right way…no easy fix, or wave of the wand.

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