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What Happens After We Secure The Border?

Candidates and Incumbents have had enough time to figure out what we should do after we secure the border. I’ve heard them say, “Well Duke, we can’t focus on what to do with the 11 million illegals living in America until we secure the border.” Really?

We can’t talk about what our next step is?

Are we to believe that our Republican elected officials haven’t put any thought into the next phase? So what…we secure the border, then start thinking of what we can do to resolve the issue? I’d like to think we could walk and chew gum at the same time.

It’s difficult to believe someone I voted for, isn’t willing to talk about the solution or provide options. Is it some sort of secret? Are we sitting on the winning game plan, but refusing to implement it because we don’t want others to take credit for it?

I doubt it.

I think typical politicians don’t want to think about it. Most would rather steer clear…too much potential negatives to deal with. They certainly don’t want to be perceived as being “weak” by their constituents.

Let’s talk about that.

I know our Republican Incumbents have had their “orders” on how to address illegal immigration. They have received their “talking points” and are comfortable in their simple regurgitation of the rhetoric. This basic approach ensures they don’t do anything to ruffle the feathers of the “base.”

After all, it’s the “base” that wants to end Birthright citizenship. It’s the “base” that wants to build the great wall of Texas. They are what we call the “far right,” and they don’t like illegal immigration. Well, neither do I, but who’s willing to step up and develop solutions?

No one. They sit…afraid to act because they fear Hispanic backlash. They think Hispanics don’t want to hear about tough solutions or resolving problems. But the truth is, we do. We want to play a role in how those solutions are developed.

There is a way out, and it is a path somewhere to the right of center. We need to quit talking like we’re hard-liners, when in reality, we don’t even have solutions. We should spend more time thinking of how we can emerge on the other side. How we can develop a strong relationship with our neighboring countries, Canada and Mexico.

We need each other to survive the next 100 years. We must nurture our economic future, so we are vested in each other, and humane in our approach to fixing our immigration problem.

Let’s clear the slate and start coming up with reasonable solutions…we’re Republicans…surely we can agree on a path that is acceptable for all. Surely we can work on a bipartisan basis to rectify the nightmare we created.

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