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GOPisForMe Spotlight: Republican County Chairman, Frank Steed

The first time you meet Frank Steed, Navarro County Republican Party Chairman, you know you’ve just met someone who is serious about his business…whatever that may be.

He is an accomplished businessman, and owner of the Steed Consultancy, with corporate and private experience. He probably has more experience developing and rolling out franchise development programs both domestically and internationally than anyone else in the casual dining segment of the foodservice industry.

His demeanor is respectful and calm, and he looks like he’s always thinking of a way to solve problems, which leads us to this blog.

In November, at Hill College (Hillsboro), GOPisForMe held and open discussion on issues relating to Hispanics. We invited Hispanic Republican leaders from across the state, and we talked about immigration, border security, education, the 14th Amendment and everything in between. We used immediate response tools to input answers with remote devices…allowing the system to immediately display the results of our answers on a large screen.

The dialogue was created from our input to questions posed to the group. We talked about certain positions we held and debated which solutions seemed more acceptable than others.

Frank Steed was in that discussion. He was there…in the room with all of us. Why was he there? Why has he been a key factor in the development of the Hispanic Republican movement in Navarro County?

He does what he does because he understands what’s at stake. He realizes the importance of “reaching out” to the Hispanic community. He believes Hispanics are Conservative by nature, and he’s passionate about doing something to develop the Republican Party through Hispanic inclusion.

Frank Steed has been actively supporting the Hispanic Republican Club of Navarro County, which we helped nurture and develop, along with local Hispanic activists from Navarro County. He’s essentially given the newly formed Hispanic Club the keys to the Republican Headquarters. They can use the facility whenever they need to.

What would that be like? I wouldn’t know…I live in McLennan County, where there is no County Chairman. Well, there is…but he may as well not exist when it comes to developing the local Party through Hispanic inclusion efforts.

The Citizens of Navarro County are fortunate to have a Chairman who is eager to help and willing to make things happen.

Recently, Frank arranged a meeting for the Hispanic Club to meet with their elected officials to discuss openly their concerns on issues. This will take place January 5th, 2012, in Corsicana,TX. We will meet with U.S. Congressman Joe Barton (CD-6), and Texas House Representative, Byron Cook.

On January 28, 2012, we will join the Navarro County Hispanic Republican Club and host the Navarro County Hispanic Republican Summit. We will have another discussion with feedback devices and use the feedback and questions to develop questions for the Forum for Candidates and Incumbents to discuss openly on stage, with constituents in attendance.

There will be Navarro County Republican candidates for every position on the ballot. A first for the RPNC.

Because of Frank’s dedication to the Hispanic Republican Movement, Hispanics in Navarro County have a true opportunity to make an impact in their community. He is building the Party, gaining strength and building the “ground forces” to combat Liberalism. What better reason do we need to spotlight his work?

Frank Steed is setting a great example of what can happen when the County Chairman gets involved and wants to make a difference. Thank you for all you do!

Here’s an interview from a few months ago…at a Hispanic event in Corsicana. Skip to 1:20 :

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    It has been an honor and privilege to have met Frank Steed and the Republican Party Leadership.To have an accomplished RNC Chairmen such as him that has helped our club in everyway possible says a lot. I know that HRCNC and with the help Of every Republican in our , county, state district and so on we can make a difference. Frank Steede has been a partner of our club from the day we formed.

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